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Saturday, July 31, 2010

SAP Virtual TechEd 2008 - Complete Package (Recorded sessions)

This pack contains only the recorded sessions, details below. Presentations (*.PDF, *.PPT files) are not included as they are already available in the forum.
If you're interested in SAP TechEd 2009 sessions, let me know.

165 Sessions | 18.1 GB | RS, NL and HF links | Singe Extraction | No Pass

Download Links(All Working)

BPM100 - Business Process Management with SAP NetWeaver CE, Overview and Outlook

BPM101 - Overview of Business Rules Management with SAP NetWeaver CE
BPM102 - Using SAP Enterprise Modeling Applications by IDS Scheer - Overview and Use Cases
BPM103 - Blending Business Process Management and SOA
BPM104 - The Business Process Enterprise Imperative - Business Process Experts in Action
BPM200 - End-to-End BPM - A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Next Level
BPM300 - Runtime Features of ccBPM and Related Best Practices
COMP101 - Building Custom Applications with SAP NetWeaver CE
COMP102 - What is New in the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer Tool for SAP NetWeaver CE
COMP103 - Web Dynpro and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer - Which Tool Should I Use?
COMP104 - Using SCA for Modular Application Development
COMP105 - Memory Analysis for Enterprise-Class Java Applications With SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment
COMP106 - Next Generation - ABAP Performance and Trace Analysis
COMP107 - Enhancement and Switch Framework Overview
COMP200 - Web Dynpro for Java - What's New With SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1
COMP201 - Deep Dive Into Real - World Composite Applications
COMP203 - Simplify Your Java Development with SAP JVM and SAP JVM Profiler
COMP204 - Best Practices for Optimizing Web Dynpro Java Application Performance
COMP205 - SOA Composite for Maintenance Process at Canadian Defense
COMP206 - Architecture Guidelines for Composite Applications
COMP207 - Web Dynpro for ABAP Overview
COMP208 - BRFplus for ABAP - The Framework for Business Rules
COMP209 - News in ABAP - Concepts to Further Increase the Power of ABAP Development
COMP300 - Best Practices for Designing Forms with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
IM100 - Business Planning and Consolidation - Architecture, Functionality, and Roadmap
IM101 - Enterprise Information Management (EIM) for SAP Environments
IM102 - High Data Quality in Business Scenarios by Consuming Enterprise Services
IM103 - How SOA Supports Central Master Data Processes in the Consumer Products Industry
IM104 - Native Web Content Management Capabilities of the SAP NetWeaver Portal
IM105 - Product Information Management with SAP NetWeaver MDM
IM106 - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Data Manager - Now and the Future
IM107 - SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator - New Features
IM108 - Understanding Business Objects SDKs for SAP Users
IM201 - Project Pioneer - SAP's Next Generation Analysis Client
IM202 - Update on SAP NetWeaver MDM
IM204 - Creating an SAP ERP Analytical Data Mart in a Day
IM205 - ABC 101 With Business Objects Profitability and Cost Management
IM206 - Integrating Business Planning and Consolidation with SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver
IM207 - Native Microsoft Excel 2007 Integration with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence 7.0
IM208 - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 7.0 and SAP NetWeaver - Enhancements and Features
IM209 - SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator and Business Objects Polestar - A Perfect Match
IM210 - SAP NetWeaver BI Scenarios with Xcelsius and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer
IM211 - SAP Solutions for Financial Consolidations
IM212 - Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 With New Innovative Tools
IM213 - OLAP Universes With SAP NetWeaver BI
IM214 - New Options for Operational Reporting
IM300 - Integration Scenarios for SAP NetWeaver BI and Business Objects Data Services
IM301 - Multi - Terabyte Data Warehousing with SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator
IM302 - Near - Line Storage With SAP NetWeaver BI
IM303 - Planning Scenarios with SAP NetWeaver BI-Integrated Planning
LCM100 - Overview of SAP NetWeaver Technical Infrastructure Update
LCM101 - Archiving, Retention Management, Retention Warehouse - Overview of the ILM Solution from SAP
LCM102 - Running a Sizing Project from Blueprint to Upgrade
LCM103 - SAP MaxDB in the SAP Business All-in-One Fast Start Program
LCM104 - Demystifying SAP TAO
LCM105 - End-to-End Integration Testing of SAP Solutions
LCM106 - End-to-End Solution Operations for System Monitoring and System Administration
LCM107 - Get Ready for SOA With E2E Solution Operations
LCM108 - Getting to Know the Upgrade Dependency Analyzer
LCM109 - Globally - Deployed Systems - Considering Performance of Single Instance Concepts
LCM110 - Plan and Conduct an Update Upgrade Project for SAP NetWeaver AS Java
LCM111 - System Landscape Directory of SAP NetWeaver - Concepts and Recommendations
LCM113 - The Next Generation of SAP EarlyWatch Alert
LCM200 - Lifecycle Management Three Year Roadmap - 2008-10
LCM201 - SAP Solution Manager in 2008 - What is in it for You
LCM202 - What IT Professionals Need To Know about SAP Enhancement Packages
LCM203 - Managing Efficient Upgrades
LCM204 - SAP Central Process Scheduling and its Integration in SAPs Business Scenarios
LCM205 - Use Cases and Integration Scenarios of Adaptive Computing and Virtualization
LCM206 - SAP Test Data Migration Server
LCM207 - SAP NetWeaver Enhancement Package Switch Installer
LCM208 - Combined and Optimized Upgrade and Unicode Conversions
LCM209 - Conversion of Single Code Page Systems to Unicode
LCM210 - Java Administration in SAP NetWeaver 7.1
LCM211 - Leverage Value-Adding Innovation in Your Existing Solution Landscape
LCM212 - Lifecycle Management for Composite Applications
LCM213 - Minimizing Downtime for Software Maintenance
LCM214 - Automated System Configuration with SAP NetWeaver Configuration Wizard
LCM215 - One Transport System Fits All
LCM217 - Run SAP for Stable and Reliable Solution Operations
LCM218 - SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure in a New Shape
LCM219 - SAP NetWeaver System Landscapes
LCM220 - SAP Printing
LCM221 - SAP's New E2E Monitoring and Alerting
LCM222 - Solution Simplification Suite
LCM223 - Surf on the Virtualization Wave - Run SAP Systems on Virtual Server Technology
LCM224 - System Landscape Optimization
LCM300 - Enterprise Virtualization Map - Your Guide Through the Virtualization Jungle
BPMX_Ann - SAP BPM Governance, Methodology, Technology and Education
SIM100 - SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Overview and Roadmap
SIM101 - SOX-Compliant Identity Management- SAP GRC Access Control and SAP NetWeaver Identity Management
SIM102 - Developing Secure, Reliable Web Services in SAP NetWeaver CE
SIM200 - SAP NetWeaver Security - The Road Ahead
SIM201 - SAP NetWeaver Identity Services and Virtualization
SIM202 - SAML 2.0 and Identity Federation
SIM203 - Securing SOA Scenarios with SAML
SIM204 - The Role of Security in Compliance Implementations
SIM205 - Security for SOA in Enterprises
SIM206 - Single Sign-On in Heterogeneous System Landscapes and SAML
SIM207 - Towards Interoperable SSO for Web Services
SIM208 - SSO for SAP NetWeaver Leveraging X.509 Certificate Auto Enrollment in Microsoft Active Directory
SIM209 - Employing IBM Database Encryption Expert to Secure Your SAP Database and Backups
SOA100 - How to Accelerate Transformation to SOA - Methodology Overview, Approach and Other Resources
SOA101 - SOA with SAP NetWeaver
SOA102 - What You Need to Know About SAP NetWeaver - A Comprehensive Introduction
SOA103 - SOA for the SAP Business Suite - Find and Test-Drive Enterprise Services
SOA104 - ABAP Runs SOA - Step-by-Step to an ABAP Composite
SOA105 - SAP NetWeaver Highlights - Get in Touch With Cutting-Edge Technology
SOA106 - SAP and Microsoft - Interoperability and Beyond
SOA107 - SAP and IBM - Software Interoperability and Co-Innovation
SOA108 - SOA Governance Best Practices
SOA109 - Enterprise Services Bundles Certification
SOA110 - Infrastructure for SAP Applications - Results from SAP's Co-Innovation Lab
SOA111 - Building a Cutting-Edge SOA Proof of Concept - Learn From SAP Best Practices
SOA112 - How Productized Enterprise Services are Used Today - Case Studies
SOA113 - How SAP Travel Management Delivers a Fully-Integrated Solution Using SOA
SOA114 - Enterprise Services Repository - Overview and Roadmap
SOA116 - Why You Can Not Live Without the Services Registry
SOA200 - SAP NetWeaver Roadmap
SOA201 - SAP NetWeaver Roadmap for the SAP Business Suite
SOA202 - SOA Patterns and Anti-Patterns
SOA203 - SOA Provisioning and Consuming Landscape for SAP Business Suite
SOA204 - Fuel Your Career With SAP Certification
SOA205 - Applying SOA in Heterogeneous Landscapes
SOA206 - Adapt Enterprise Services to Your Business Scenario
SOA207 - Service Portfolios for SAP Business Suite Applications (SAP ERP, SAP SCM, SAP CRM, SAP PLM)
SOA208 - Enterprise Architecture and SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework
SOA209 - Consuming SAP Enterprise Services for Order-To-Cash at the Hasso Plattner Institute
SOA210 - End-to-End Capabilities of ES Repository in Action
SOA211 - Enterprise Services Repository in Complex Customer Landscapes
SOA212 - High Volume Readiness of SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1
SOA213 - How to Plan, Strategize, and Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 SOA Middleware
SOA214 - How to Use CTS + to Transport Your SAP NetWeaver PI Objects
SOA215 - Using the Integration Directory API of SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1
SOA216 - Providing and Consuming Services with SAP NetWeaver and .NET Applications
SOA217 - SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 - Feedback From the Ramp-up Projects
SOA218 - SOA Middleware in Action
SOA219 - SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SOA Best Practices
SOA220 - SOA Middleware With a Focus on SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1
SOA221 - SOA-Based Service Provisioning and Consumption with SAP CRM 2007
SOA222 - Supporting Pub / Sub Scenarios with SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1
SOA223 - Walk the Talk with Enterprise Services - Install, Configure, Run
SOA224 - Achieve Business Value With SOA - Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT Organizations
UP100 - SAP NetWeaver Portal - Roadmap for the Next 12 Months
UP101 - SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search - Introduction and Outlook
UP103 - Project Atlantic - Lotus Notes Access to SAP for the Information Worker
UP104 - SAP NetWeaver Business Client - An Introduction
UP105 - Web Dynpro and AJAX
UP106 - Global Portal Implementations
UP108 - Accelerated Application Delivery Enhancing the Performance of Web Applications
UP109 - SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 - A Powerful Architecture and What You Can Do With It
UP110 - How SAP Uses the SAP NetWeaver Portal as its Corporate Intranet Site
UP111 - Introduction to SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
UP118 - Update on the SAP GUI Family
UP119 - Update on Internet Transaction Server (ITS) and ITSmobile
UP200 - SAP NetWeaver UI Strategy and Roadmap
UP201 - Interoperability Between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies
UP202 - Designing the Right Portal Infrastructure - Lessons Learned and Examples
UP203 - Instant Access to Business Information - SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search in SAP PLM
UP204 - From Text to Actionable Intelligence
UP205 - Rich Internet Applications and Rich Client Applications
UP206 - Simplified User Interfaces in SAP Business Suite - Content and Tools for Easy Adoption
UP207 - SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search - Using Object Connector Templates for Connecting Backend Systems
UP217 - SAP NetWeaver Portal Implementation Considerations and Content Sharing Capabilities within Federated Portal Network (FPN)
UP224 - Bring Your Existing Business Workflows Into a New Dimension by Utilizing SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe


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