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Thursday, August 26, 2010

TCS bags Rs 150cr order from MP govt; stk up

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) touched an intraday high of Rs 872 and an intraday low of Rs 868.20. At 09:10 hrs the share was quoting at Rs 871.20, up Rs 2.30, or 0.26%.
The company has bagged Rs 150 crore orders from MP government, reports Business Standard.

It was trading with volumes of 4,844 shares. Yesterday the share closed up 0.18% or Rs 1.60 at Rs 868.90.
TCS bags Rs 150cr order from MP govt; stk up

Share Price Movement During The Last 12 Months
Period Price Latest Price Gain/Loss (Rs.) % Gain/Loss
3-Days 867.10 871.20 4.10 0.47
5-Days 868.80 871.20 2.40 0.28
7-Days 850.70 871.20 20.50 2.41
15-Days 878.25 871.20 -7.05 -0.80
1-Month 846.55 871.20 24.65 2.91
3-Month 717.90 871.20 153.30 21.35
6-Month 766.10 871.20 105.10 13.72
9-Month 698.40 871.20 172.80 24.74
1-Year 520.60 871.20 350.60 67.35

Wipro BPO Solutions Ltd is looking for Associate/Sr. Associate -(NonTechnical)

Employer Name: Wipro BPO Solutions Ltd
Employer Address: Wipro BPO Solutions Ltd Pune
Phone: 020-66204537
Required Skills: Good knowledge about the posts
Required Experience: 0 - 1 Years
Required Education: Any Graduate 
Job Location: Pune

Job Description

Eligibility Criteria
Age limit 18-45 yrs?
Graduate/ Undergraduates?
•Experience - Fresher , Experienced, Lateral
Candidate should work for 5 hrs only?
Ability Skill Required (Basic computer skills, Other domain specific tests)?
Willingness to travel on own to Hinjewadi?

•Support customers via phone. Responsible for resolution of issues faced by the customers.
•Identify opportunities for sales (where applicable) and offer the right solutions to the customers.
•Quickly and accurately perform multi-tasks like talking, listening, documenting information, seeking information and problem solving.
•Work effectively as a team member and facilitate cooperative environment to meet and exceed customer expectations

Keywords: Part- Timers ready to work for 5hrs with WiproBPO

About Employer

Wipro is an integrated corporation that offers a diverse range of products, solutions and services in systems, software, consumer care, healthcare, lighting and infrastructure technology. We are driven by our passion for quality and our commitment to Customers. This drive has catapulted us among the 10 most admired companies in India. Through constant innovation and a people-first attitude, we strive to assume leadership positions in all our businesses in the new millennium. Wipro is the first PCMM Level 5 and SEI CMM Level 5 certified IT Services Company globally. Wipro?s position of leadership in the IT business is built on a strong foundation of quality processes (Six Sigma and ISO 9000), Knowledge Management, Innovation & People processes (P-CMM: People Capability Maturity Model). Wipro provides comprehensive IT solutions and services, including systems integration, information systems outsourcing, package implementation, software application development and maintenance, and research and development services to corporations globally. Have a team of over 42,000+ committed people from different managerial and engineering backgrounds, spread across US, Europe, India and Japan. We provide end-to-end solutions across industries through unique models and methodologies, to deliver time, cost, quality and full-service advantages. We are the chosen IT outsourcing partner for several Fortune 500 companies.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Khaleja 2010 - Teaser Prince Mahesh Babu [1.5MB]

Shriya HQ video songs [Telugu]

The Complete English Grammar Series[UD]

The Complete English Grammar Series | 1.16 GB
These 10 fabulous programs make the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before.
Detailed Description
These fabulous programs make the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before. The 10 programs, running approximately 14 hours total, are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making them perfect for classroom use or self-study.
Ideal for reviewing forgotten grammar or preparing for many verbal standardized tests such as the SAT, TOEFL, GED, and GRE.

The programs include:

Sentence Structure

*Recognizing and using the four types of sentence structures
*Identifying subjects, predicates, and clauses
*Building sentences by combining clauses
*Avoiding run-ons, fragments, and other common errors

Parts of Speech

*Recognizing the parts of speech
*Constructing sentences with verbs, nouns, and pronouns
*Connecting thoughts with prepositions and conjunctions
*Adding color with adjectives and adverbs

Sentence Complements

*Using complements in sentences to complete thoughts
*Understanding transitive and intransitive verbs
*Distinguishing between direct objects and indirect objects
*Describing subjects with complements and linking verbs


*Understanding how to use the six essential verb tenses
*Mastering the tenses of irregular verbs
*Avoiding mistakes with tricky verbs such as lie and lay
*Using the subjunctive mood correctly


*Using personal, indefinite, interrogative, and relative pronouns
*Mastering the subjective, objective, and possessive cases
*Differentiating between who and whom
*Conquering elliptical clauses and other tough pronoun problems


*Mastering subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement
*Understanding how number and gender affect agreement
*Using indefinite pronouns correctly
*Solving the trickiest agreement problems


*Adding spice to your sentences with adjectives and adverbs
*Recognizing misplaced and dangling modifiers
*Using comparatives and superlatives correctly
*Avoiding common pitfalls when using modifiers

Parallel Structure

*Understanding how parallel structure links related ideas
*Using parallelism with gerunds, infinitives, and verbs
*Recognizing and avoiding errors in parallelism
*Crafting correct sentences using ellipsis


*Using - and not abusing - commas
*Conquering colons and semicolons
*Understanding periods, question marks, and exclamation points
*Mastering quotation marks, parentheses, dashes, and other marks

Spelling and Capitalization

*Unlocking the secrets of good spelling
*Applying simple spelling rules - and recognizing the "exceptions"
*Mastering plurals, prefixes, and suffixes
*Understanding when to capitalize words - and when not

Latest Hindi Audio Songs

Latest Telugu Audio Songs

Collectorgari Bharya (2010)

Prakash Raj marries Pony Varma

Prakash Raj marries Pony Varma

Prakash Raj  and Pony Varma tied the nuptial knot this morning (August 24th, 2010) at Hotel Sahara Star, Vile Parle, in Mumbai. The wedding took place in Punjabi style and was attended by several celebrities from the tinsel town.

The couple will host a reception for their close friends from Bollywood and Kollywood tonight at Sahara Star hotel, near the Mumbai airport. The wedding ceremony was held as per Hindu tradition in Punjabi style.

Among those seen at the wedding was close friends of Prakash and Kollywood personalities like director Radha Mohan, cinematographer K V Guhan,writer Viji and actor Kumaravelu.

The actor-producer and his newly-wed choreographer wife will throw a reception in Chennai and Hyderabad in the forthcoming days.

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New Elementary Student's English - Audiobook

English Dictionary
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