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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Assembly Programming Package 2010

Assembly Programming Package 2010 | 2.58 GB

If you want to start coding win32 masm-assembly then this is the package for you. It has everything you need to get started.

* Masm32 basic environment package
* Latest Macro Assembler binaries
* Notepad plus plus code editor
* Windows SDK 7.1 (new format)
* Win32 Help files (old format)
* DirectX SDK 8.1
* DirectX SDK June 2010
* Basic Principles Tutorials
* Iczelions Win32 Assembly Tutorials
* Video Tutorials
* Sample Programs & Games
* Many E-books included
* Aritech Ascii Table
* Dependency Walker 2.2
* Everything
* Header2Inc Converter
* OpenedFilesView 1.46
* Text-To-BinaryHex Converter
* Masm Help Files
* XVI32 Hex Editor
* Resource Editor
* OllyDbg 2.00.01
* SpeedCrunch 0.10.1 Calculator
* Texas Instrument TI-89 Calculator
* Top Coding Font included
* High Quality Coding Audio
* MasmEd
* Resource Editor
* Dependency Walker v2.2
* OpenedFilesView v1.46
* Latest binaries
* Basic principles
* MASM 8.0 (Use v10, dont use this, added it just for fun)
* Win32 Help files
* Windows SDK v7.0
* DirectX SDK Feb 2010
* Microsoft Calculator Plus
* Neo Hex Editor
* Aritech Ascii Table
* Text-to-Binary/Hex Converter
* Sample games & Programs added w/ source code
* Masm related help files added for easy access
* Many E-books have been added
* Iczelions Win32 Assembly Tutorials
* Video Tutorials

Change 1:
A few of the text files in the basic principle folder had a few grammer mistakes that have been corrected.

Change 2:

More links have been added to the "urls to visit.txt" text file.

Change 3:

I have made an install batch script for automatically replacing and installing the latest binaries and include files to

their proper folders.

Change 4:

Microsoft Macro Assembler 8.0 has been removed, it is outdated and not needed anymore.

Change 5:

I have made a new text file called Masm Pseudo Opcodes Conditional Assembly, it is located in the basic principles folder.

Change 6:

Another new textfile that I have made called How to assemble your source file, it is also located in the basic principles


Change 7:
And yet another new textfile called how to compile your resource files and include them into the executable. It can be

found in the basic principles folder.

Change 8:
Ofcourse, another new textfile called what is sse, it can be found in the same folder.

Change 9:

Added Everything search program for searching files and folders instantly. It supports a wide variety of wildcards.

Change 10:

The last change is the addition of audio books which is very suitable for assembly programmers.


This assembly torrent is now as I want it to be. I will not be changing it in a while now, at least not until I find more

lacks, mistakes or if microsoft release new binaries that should be included in a future release.


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