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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Microsoft's IE9 Beta : Rivals and Challenges

With the budding Chromes and Mozillas taking a major share of the limelight that some time belonged independently to Microsoft’s Web Browser applications , Microsoft is toiling once again to reclaim the charm it was bestowed with some time ago. The age old IE6 which is still being availed of by many is of no benefit to the company in the world of cut throat competition.

In the sight of this condition, Microsoft recently released its very refreshingly crafted Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta. The beta version of the web browser offered by the software giant looks smarter, competitive and spirited.

The IE9 browser offers its users speed. Its responses swiftly and works at an ultra modern pace. The graphical user interface has been refurbished with lots of window space. The window given a larger than life look, resembles the Chrome. The much faster and zippier platform boasts support for CSS 3 code.

Supporting the HTML 5 standard, the IE9 also has a download manager. There is a section which takes care of the add-ons which some time tend to take the juice out of the system if they are left unmanaged. The browser is capable of being integrated with Windows 7 functions. The tabs are portable , thanks to the Aero Snap split-screen feature which comes with Windows 7.

Nevertheless, it may be hard enough to say that all which is said above can make Microsoft win the battle yet another time. Only great looking features won’t suffice. Only once the beta testers have a better taste of it, some concrete opinion can be formed.


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