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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Windows Seven Transformation Pack 5.0(Latest)for XP/VISTA/2003

Seven Transformation Pack will transform your entire user interface to Windows 7, including Windows 7 Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, Visual Style, Icons, Wallpapers, Sounds and much more.

No more ticking what to install or not install. Just choose if you want to experience recommended configuration that has everything installed and has stable configuration or stay safe with Performance for no 3rd-party applications and UI tweaks besides common ones. You can still customize with Express Mode and Personalization though. I recommend using Recommended configuration and customize features later in Welcome Center.

Improved user experiences
Now it comes with all official Windows 7 wallpapers which is main reason why this version is significantly larger and transformation process will apply default Windows 7 wallpaper. I've been considering updating visual styles for a few months before actual release and ended up working on elsewhere as my effort will become obsolete with ViStart+ViGlance+TrueTransparency combined. So I updated default skin in those applications instead making tredemous improvements that can easily archive Aero UI in Windows XP with Seven Transformation Pack alone. And blur works on TrueTransparency and ViStart now.

Bug fixes and optimizations
Since last year, almost every bugs reported in Seven Transformation Pack 4.0 are fixed. I won't mention fixed bugs here so go read them in changelog. UAC can be turned off from Seven Transformation Pack when run as Administrator and this can save a lot of newbies from messing UAC on their own. ViGlance and TrueTransparency are optimized for less utilization and deferred launcher works better on slow system at startup. Minimum hardware requirements limiter is now lifted as user can reinstall with Performance configuration to avoid trouble (Though they can customize them in Welcome Center)

Reworked Welcome Center for easier maintenance
Improved Welcome Center making maintenance job becoming a lot easier. Repairing system files will have red text color alert when new files are found and report set of files to repair. Uninstallation has verification UI to make sure uninstallation will go smoothly and safe. There're also other improvements like fixing graphic glitches and Back button for better navigation.


Added automate User Account Control deactivation upon checking
-Added changing desktop wallpaper during transformation
-Added completed set of Windows 7 wallpapers
-Added Gavatx's Rainbar in Vista compatibilities exclusion list as there's already Windows Sidebar in Vista
-Fixed bugs that some options are not saved in registry during installation
-Fixed currupt system sounds scheme in Windows Vista after uninstallation
-Fixed logon screen system files modification to not change system font in non-English MUI (Requires uninstall for older version)
-Fixed setup files detection glitches in Windows XP/2003 x64 Edition
-Fixed system files modification critical error for integration with Windows XP/2003 x64 Editions
-Fixed system files modification compatibilities with non-English edition OS
-Fixed Welcome Center not running on startup after installation on x64 operating system
-Fixed x64 system files modification incompatibilities for some systems
-Improved transformation process for faster and better performance (This involves a lot of work in various places and they're all technical stuff)
-Optimized Deferred Launcher's startup sequence and delay time for better resource utilization
-Removed minimum hardware requirements for 3rd-party applications but still keep recommended specifications in list
-Shortened installation sequence UI for smoother process
-Updated 3rd-party applications hardware requirements specifications
-Updated screensaver to Windows 7 logo
-Updated TrueTransparency
|-Core program to version 1.4
|-Optimized blurring interval for better system performance
|-Rebuilt SevenStyle skins based on Seven structure with real reflections
|-x64 application support
-Updated ViGlance to version SE2 build 1276
|-Added Drag shortcut support
|-Added Hyprid Jumplist support
|-Added Shift+Left click opens new instance
|-Fixed 64-bit application compatibilities
|-Fixed multi-monitor compatibilities
|-Fixed UI and code refinements
|-Optimized timer interval and program configuration
|-Updated default skin
-Updated ViStart to version 2.0 build 3738
|-Added blur support (experimental)
|-Added run functionality in searchbox
|-Optimized programs discovery routine with better program support
|-Optimized UI rendering for better performance
-Updated Welcome Center
|-Added back button in ui navigation control
|-Added system files repair list in repair page and Repair alert with red text
|-Fixed icon and text UI placement
|-Removed using system files from backup source in uninstallation
|-Reworked Removal UI with installed components verification to ensure safety of uninstallation
|-Updated backup files status indicator to available/not available (no need for overwritten check)
|-Windows 7's additional user pictures and wallpapers will no longer be removed (few MBs being too insignificant for TB storage)
-Updated UXTheme patching engine to deepxw's universal theme patcher



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